Concrete Pump


CP 2000 is a semi-heavy concrete pump with Electric or Diesel engines are available in two models with Rock valves and Gate valves. concrete pump can be used as stationary or can be installed on the truck, and can be used for pumping concrete in various projects.



concrete pump



Model Technical Data
CP2000E CP2000R CP2000G
125 hp at 1450 rpm
Deutz (F6L912)
106 hp at 2300 rpm
Diesel Engine
50 m3 /h 52 m3 /h 52 m3 /h Max Output
81 bar 81 bar 81 bar Max Pressure on Concrete
Gate Valve / Rock Valve Rock Valve Gate Valve Concrete Valve type
350 350 350 Max Horizental Pumping Distance
100 100 100 Max Ver
  • Including a separate hydraulic circuit with a hydro-motor and gearbox for the mixing tank.
  • Very strong. low-hight chassis with suspension system for a better balance on the move and folding pedal jack at the front of chassis.
  • Netted cover with jacks on doors for easier opening of the doors in tight areas and better access for maintenance

Optional features

  • Installing of oil cooler
  • Installing of Hydraulic legs
  • Installing of water pump for washing purposes

A concrete pump is a machine used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping.


Until the early 20th century, concrete was mixed on the job site and transported from the cement mixer to the formwork, either in wheelbarrows or in buckets lifted by cranes. This required a lot of time and labor. In 1927, the German engineers Max Giese and Fritz Hull came upon the idea of pumping concrete through pipes. They pumped concrete to a height of 38 meters (125 ft) and a distance of 120 meters (130 yd). Shortly after, a concrete pump was patented in Holland in 1932 by Jacob Cornelius Kweimn (Jacobus Cornelius Kooijman). This patent incorporated the developer's previous German patent.

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