Truck Mixer


Our Truck Mixers have been designed to keep the texture and the mixing process of the concrete stable during the transportation due to the internal blades inside the mixer. Various other design consideration have been incorporated in the design process, such as having a low center of gravity for a better balance on the road as well.


Model Technical Data
TM 12 TM 10 TM 8
12 m3 10 m3 8 m3 Nominal capacity
Deutz (F6L912) Deutz (F6L912) Deutz (F4L912) Diesel Engine
14 14 14 Rotation Speed
1000 lit 1000 lit 650 lit Water tank Capacity
8350mm 5300mm 4800 mm Lengh of Frame
 4 Axels 3 or 4 Axels 3 Axels Truck Specifica
  • The Tm12 is a semi-trailer.
  • The rotation of the Drum is operated by a Planetary gear-box.
  • Transmitting the power form the diesel engine to the mixer gear-box is operated by hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor.
  • The regulation of the engine speed, drum rotation speed and direction are operated by the gear-box and cables from the mixer extremity.
  • Large 28-cen_meter rollers in rear and the solid steel ring are used to resist the strokes passing the mixer from rough levels.
  • Water transferring from the water tank by air pressure.
  • Gear-box and rollers stands connected to the mixer chassis by U-Bolts for producing elastic function and preventing form cracks on the mixer chassis as _me passes.

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